My thoughts are weird and very random.

Hi there! I am Sheila and this is my blog.

I write about whatever I like and will write in Filipino and English. 🙂


About redbolpen

I am a Filipino. Perky, quirky, and a walking paradox. I speak my mind: it keeps me sane. I love the smell of books: they keep me calm. I talk A LOT. Feel free to talk to me. I don't bite. ;)

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  1. Joan Tabalanza says:

    Hi Shiela! Are you also a Jessica Zafra reader? I could hear her ranting in your writing voice. She kicks the crap out of my delusional grandeur especially in writing prose. Love your candor here.

    • redbolpen says:

      Alo! thank you for visiting my page. As you can see, you’re the first person (ever) to comment. Maraming Salamat po. 🙂

      About Jessica Zafra, I think I have visited her blog twice before (1st year college yata) just out of curiosity and, honestly though wala pa ata akong nabasang post niyang kahit ano, I plan to buy her books (pag may budget na ulit) dahil sa mga naririnig ko tungkol sa kanya.

      thank you sa comment mo, kinilig ako. Wala sa hinagap kong maikukumpara ako sa kanya. haha! salamat ulit. 🙂

      nawa’y hindi sumakit ang bangs mo sa pagbasa nang posts ko dahil sa dami nang typos at sa grammar kong sadyang masakit sa bangs.

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