I’m currently researching about exchange programs and scholarships abroad. Now I’m sort of regretting why I had not thought of this when I was still in high school nor when I was on my first year in the university.


There are so many scholarships and yet I might not be eligible for such things because of my terrible undergrad grades. 😦


I can’t blame anyone for that but me…


but I think everyone deserves second, third, fourth, or more chances but the BIGGEST CHANCE only comes once in a lifetime. One time, Big time, ikaw nga nila.


I don’t like nor want to regret the things that I have done.


I just want to grab this opportunity to make “bawi” to myself and to my parents, thought I doubt if they would really want me to make bawi to them. (I used MAKE BAWI coz I can’t think of better words to use)

On Monday, I’m going to UP for advising… may the adviser be wise, accommodating, and patient enough to be able to bear with my questions…


that’s all for now. 🙂


About redbolpen

I am a Filipino. Perky, quirky, and a walking paradox. I speak my mind: it keeps me sane. I love the smell of books: they keep me calm. I talk A LOT. Feel free to talk to me. I don't bite. ;)

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